$5 Friday: Zucchini slice with an Italian twist

Suddenly it is late summer – almost autumn! –  and I have gone from being delighted with the sight of the first bright orange zucchini flowers to feeling slightly overwhelmed with the abundance. I didn’t have much luck with my zucchini plant this year (although I have had partial success), but I have still been gifted several.  What to do?

Fresh baked zucchini slice

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$5 Friday: Red Thai Curry Meatballs

For today’s $5 Friday I am pleased to present a guest blog post by Kirsty Young from Make it, Bake it, Snap it.  Kirsty has such beautiful and inventive recipes, and I am so pleased that she accepted the $5 Friday challenge.  These meatballs are both comfort food and a little bit different.  She demonstrates how buying in bulk and thinking outside the square you can save money and enjoy quality food.


Red curry meatballs served with zucchinis and pasta

Kirsty Young from Make It, Bake It, Snap It bakes up a simple, affordable and delicious meatball dish for $5 Friday

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