$5 Friday: Suitcase potatoes

I arrived back home in Canberra just after a whirlwind tour of Taiwan.  What fun!  I ate and ate and ate some more, and occasionally did a bit of hiking and Youbike cycling and relaxing in the hot springs.  Then I arrived home – to an empty fridge.

A bowl of potatoes and purslane

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$5 Friday: Sichuan spice chicken wings

When people tell me about their secret, frugal recipe I take note.  And so it was that a university student with a passion for all things Chinese shared with me her favourite chicken wings recipe.


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$5 Friday: Zesty Avocado Spaghetti

I love a good avocado smashed on hot toast with freshly ground pepper on top. I also like it when it is on special, which it often is at the end of winter.  Making the most of a glut of avocados in my fruit bowl, I often like to make this avocado pasta dish.

Three-ingredient lemon avocado spaghetti

The sauce of zesty avocado spaghetti uses just three-ingredients

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