$5 Friday: Lemon or Sicilian blood orange cordial

Early spring teased with its promises of warmth, only for me to reach for the heater remote. But warmer weather’s promise is definite, and Canberra is slowly but resolutely waking from its winter hibernation.  What I love about spring and summer in Canberra is how people socialise – there is always a picnic, or a barbecue or a party.  And with that comes the desire to find something to drink. It is like people feel the need to make up for being insular over winter.


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$5 Friday: Sticky chicken wings

At the height of summer it seems like everyone is trying to give away plums.  Well, not me because my baby plum tree hasn’t reached maturity (yet).  But one of my friends put a call-out for a plum give away, and I quickly put my hand up and headed over with the kids in tow.  They had a great time jumping up and down on my friend’s trampoline while I collected some of the best dark purple plums ever.


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