Wild fennel and sardine bucatini

“You’re really into your foraging at the moment, aren’t you,” a friend said to me recently.  And I guess I am. In part it was because I was busy in Spring with writing, work and life in general – too busy to get around to cleaning up my vegie patch and putting tomatoes and other summer crops in.  But I like home grown.  So I thought I would treat the great bush capital of Canberra as my giant vegie patch.

Wild fennel sardine bucatini

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$5 Friday: Red Thai Curry Meatballs

For today’s $5 Friday I am pleased to present a guest blog post by Kirsty Young from Make it, Bake it, Snap it.  Kirsty has such beautiful and inventive recipes, and I am so pleased that she accepted the $5 Friday challenge.  These meatballs are both comfort food and a little bit different.  She demonstrates how buying in bulk and thinking outside the square you can save money and enjoy quality food.


Red curry meatballs served with zucchinis and pasta

Kirsty Young from Make It, Bake It, Snap It bakes up a simple, affordable and delicious meatball dish for $5 Friday

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$5 Friday: Lemony tuna linguine

I grew up in a family that loved to cook.  On Saturdays, my sister and I would go shopping with our Mum and then we would spend the afternoon cooking and preparing meals for the week.  We would all help make the meals together of an evening.  Sometimes we had different interpretations, so that could be a bit tricky (e.g. the Thai phase mum went through when she even went as far as to change a ratatouille/bolognaise sauce I had created into a spicy version with coconut milk and sweet chilli sauce).


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$5 Friday: Spaetzle with chorizo

I have had lots of fun making spaetzle for my boys.  What is spaetzle, you might ask?  Read on for my recipe, and a special free giveaway of two spaetzle makers courtesy of Spaetzle Recipes valued at $45.95 each.

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