$50/week – 26 March, splurging out

This week I went shopping. I really went shopping. For the first time in months I used a shopping trolley and I piled things up in it, digging into my kitty and spending a huge $78.05 (still much less than the average weekly shop).

grocery challenge

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$5 Friday: Candied orange peel

Hmmm, the scent of orange peel and its connection with Christmas.  Orange peel is an essential ingredient in many Christmasy things including fruit cake.  And beautiful just by itself. My Nana used to make the best candied orange peel.  I have tried to replicate, and while hers are hard to beat, I think I have done a pretty special job as well.



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Why I am a frugalista

I have new Ms Frugal Ears business cards. I am quietly proud of them. On the front I describe myself as writer – frugalista – kitchen cook – mother.  On the back I have a picture of my new Ms Frugal Ears logo.  Every time I hand them out at networking events, at least one person asks me, “what is a frugalista?”  (Others ask me what the go is with the ears.  It is because my ex Mother-in-Law, who is Taiwanese and understands the whole Chinese face-reading thing, used to tell me my smallish ears indicate I have a frugal personality. I think it is a compliment, or maybe not.)
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