Eat Drink Blog – a frugalista overview

I have just spent an amazing weekend with some of Australia’s top food bloggers eating and drinking and eating some more at Eat Drink Blog in Canberra.  Yesterday I was back at work reminiscing about all the good food to be had and feeling somewhat like a beached whale.  But what a weekend!  What fun!  What greedy food stories I had to tease my work colleagues with!  My Facebook and Instagram photos caused not a small amount of food envy.


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Why I am a frugalista

I have new Ms Frugal Ears business cards. I am quietly proud of them. On the front I describe myself as writer – frugalista – kitchen cook – mother.  On the back I have a picture of my new Ms Frugal Ears logo.  Every time I hand them out at networking events, at least one person asks me, “what is a frugalista?”  (Others ask me what the go is with the ears.  It is because my ex Mother-in-Law, who is Taiwanese and understands the whole Chinese face-reading thing, used to tell me my smallish ears indicate I have a frugal personality. I think it is a compliment, or maybe not.)
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