$50/week challenge – and then there was Easter

Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves

Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves over Easter

Happy Easter!  Did you have a good long weekend.  Well, we certainly did in the Ms Frugal Ears household.  And we still did it while maintaining our $50 a week challenge.

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Irresistible slice

An American friend made a slice for Big A’s birthday several years ago.  And my family likes it so much that I now make it for most birthday parties.  It looks fairly plain, and nestled among plates of fluorescent coloured lollies and hundreds of thousands, it often sits patiently waiting for someone to take their first bite.  But as soon as they do, they are hooked!  When I am doing up leftover party bags, people always ask me to include several pieces and give them the recipe.  And I always find myself sneaking back to the freezer for seconds or thirds of the slice, even when I have hidden it right at the very back so that I can’t get to it.


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