Budget 2017

Picture of pizza

What slice of the pizza pie will you get from the Federal Budget 2017?

I live in Canberra, but I must admit that until tonight I have never really stopped to watch the Federal Budget.  But tonight my work put on pizza and wine, so I decided to stay back and watch it. I am not a specialised economic commentator, but I wanted to provide some thoughts – based on part on what I perceive is my own interest as to how I  and most of my readers will be affected.

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$50/week challenge – and then there was Easter

Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves

Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves over Easter

Happy Easter!  Did you have a good long weekend.  Well, we certainly did in the Ms Frugal Ears household.  And we still did it while maintaining our $50 a week challenge.

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$50/week – 26 March, splurging out

This week I went shopping. I really went shopping. For the first time in months I used a shopping trolley and I piled things up in it, digging into my kitty and spending a huge $78.05 (still much less than the average weekly shop).

grocery challenge

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