The Rising Cost of University in Australia

student loan report photos

This post is a guest blog post by US writer Drew Cloud from The Student Loan Report.  I was really intrigued to look at the changes to Australia’s tertiary education system through US eyes. I was always shocked that students in the US graduated with so much debt.  But you know what – things are getting pretty expensive in Australia, too.  Read Drew’s article and to find out more about the rising costs of education in Australia.

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Celestial Empire exhibition at the National Library of Australia

“Is it good? What is so special about it?” I have been asked this about the Celestial Empire exhibition at the National Library of Australia several times, including on ABC TV News (OK, couldn’t help bragging just a little bit).


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$2 Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki, a cabbage-based savoury pancake, is one of the most popular restaurant foods in Japan.  There are many regional variations, using ingredients such as meat and seafood.  But my neighbour Sayoko, who survived for three years as an international student in Australia on a food budget of $10, has taught us that you can cook a delicious version for next to nothing.


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