$50/week – 26 March, splurging out

This week I went shopping. I really went shopping. For the first time in months I used a shopping trolley and I piled things up in it, digging into my kitty and spending a huge $78.05 (still much less than the average weekly shop).

grocery challenge

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$5 Friday: Sticky chicken wings

At the height of summer it seems like everyone is trying to give away plums.  Well, not me because my baby plum tree hasn’t reached maturity (yet).  But one of my friends put a call-out for a plum give away, and I quickly put my hand up and headed over with the kids in tow.  They had a great time jumping up and down on my friend’s trampoline while I collected some of the best dark purple plums ever.


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$5 Friday: Nana Irene’s apple pie

Last year on the winter solstice my boys and I headed out to the country, to a town at the edge of the beautiful Southern highlands, for lunch with friends of a friend.  It was one of those gentle sunny winter days, with the mist hanging low around Lake George and some remaining golden Autumn leaves waving in the wind.  Wanting to bake something to take, I made apple pie using my Nana’s recipe.


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$5 Friday: Glühwein

Canberra. June long weekend.  Cold.  Traditionally it was a weekend of firecrackers. Now these are legal no more, but it is also the time when days are almost at their shortest, there is excitement about possible snow on the slopes, and enthusiasm for toasting marshmallows over an open flame.  A cool Canberra party is one involving a bonfire (or its more trendier version, a fire pit).  Even cooler is to go away in search of winter wonderland.

A cup of warm gluhwein

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$5 Friday: Chinese tomato and egg stirfry

Chinese homestyle cooking is very different from restaurant food.  What people eat in their homes, what is cooked with love to be enjoyed around a shared table, is more humble than the elaborate chef prepared dishes.  Yet somehow more delicious. And it often contains a lot less oil and MSG as well.

A plate of Chinese stir-fried tomato and egg

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