The trailing spouse: financial advice

Living in Canberra, many of my friends and public servants.  And many of them head off for overseas postings.  It is exciting and adventurous, yet there is a downside -what about accompanying spouses?  How do they manage financially on posting?

moving 2

Moving overseas is an adventure but also has challenges

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Unitingcare Kippax: Foodbank and Christmas hampers

Australians are among the wealthiest in the world; something that I was often acutely aware of when I was on posting to Taiwan.  Taiwanese people are among the wealthiest in Asia, but even so my Australian lifestyle seemed so decadent in comparison.  But not everyone in Australia is able to live the lifestyle that I often take for granted.

Pantry at Foodbank

Pantry stores at Unitingcare Kippax’s Foodbank

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Living Well Spending Less – some thoughts from Ruth Soukup

A few weeks ago a group of giddy Canberra bloggers headed to Problogger at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the sunny Gold Coast to soak up all we could about blogging – along with nearly 700 other delegates.  Three of us went with a special mission: to meet Living Well Spending Less author Ruth Soukup, one of the keynote speakers of the event.


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Why I am a frugalista

I have new Ms Frugal Ears business cards. I am quietly proud of them. On the front I describe myself as writer – frugalista – kitchen cook – mother.  On the back I have a picture of my new Ms Frugal Ears logo.  Every time I hand them out at networking events, at least one person asks me, “what is a frugalista?”  (Others ask me what the go is with the ears.  It is because my ex Mother-in-Law, who is Taiwanese and understands the whole Chinese face-reading thing, used to tell me my smallish ears indicate I have a frugal personality. I think it is a compliment, or maybe not.)
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