Cold and flu and washing hands

Ahhh, the cold weather is here with vengeance.  In Canberra it seems like only yesterday it was so hot that the kids were complaining about the car airconditioner not being strong enough.  And now the wet and wind has set in and much of the beautiful autumn foliage has confettied down to the ground.  It is also the season for colds and flu.

Autumn colours

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Who’s afraid of ebola? I’m scared of the common cold

I have just gotten over a cold.  A long, lingering cold with a cough that kept me up in the night. I would be up several times vomiting mucus.  And when I did get to sleep, it was a light sleep disrupted by coughing fits.  My kids were sick as well, so I often woke up in the night to the sound of them coughing, and had to get up to make sure they were okay. It was a rough month.

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