What food would you buy for only $10 for five days?

Next Monday I will  be eating for $2 or less.  And I will repeat that every day until Friday.  Every day. No cheating. Not even on ‘free’ food such as foraged dandelion weeds or cake baked for morning tea by friends at work.  I have $10 to spend for five days and that is it.


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The Frugal Feast: Christmas Cookies

Being on Christmas holidays, I haven’t been checking my emails as regularly as I ought to.  So it was a surprise, a Christmas present actually, to find out on Boxing Day that I had won second prize in the YWCA’s The Frugal Feast writing contest.

Christmas Cookies imperfectly iced

Making Christmas Cookies with Big A and Little A

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Armenian Nutmeg Cake

I am not sure if this recipe is really Armenian or not, but it sure is special.  My Auntie Julie, a wonderful and generous cook, used to make this and it brings back childhood memories of summers spent running around at her place.  Her kids will probably tell me that her baking is still the best.  But try this and enjoy the kick that the nutmeg brings.


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