When Ms Frugal Ears met Mr Red Sports Car

I have frugal ears.  I have frugal ways. I make meals that cost $5 or less. I make my own laundry products.  I wear op shop clothes. And now I am dating again – to someone who likes to live life in the fast lane.

A red BMW sports car

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My visit to an MLC Financial Planner

You would think that with being frugal and having an ambitious goal of not only paying off my home mortgage by the end of 2016 but also wanting to become a billionaire that I would be working with a financial planner.  Actually, until recently, I have had an irrational distrust of financial planners.

MLC Financial Planning

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Money Monday: Decluttering your way to abundance

January.  A time to reflect after Christmas and catch a breath before the busy work and school year gets underway.  And unless you are still on holidays, a time to declutter.

Pictures of sporting and other equipment from a shed

Clearing out my shed – amazed at what is in there

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Money Monday: 2016 financial goals

Looking back on 2015, it was a fairly significant year for me in more ways than one.  And I achieved one financial goal I set out to achieve – putting aside at least 10% of my income into investment.  So this year I am going to aim for something even bigger: to pay off the mortgage on my residential property (i.e. my home).

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