I have always been frugal.  My ex Mother-in-Law told me I have frugal ears (she understands a bit about Chinese face reading).  My Dad tells me I come from a long line of frugal ancestors.

But while it is a necessity for me at the moment, I love being frugal.  You see, I believe in the Buddhist concept of non-attachment.  I abhor blatant commercialism that tries to show that happiness is through things. I am truly grateful for the abundance in my life.  I like to live simply, to show my children values that aren’t associated with stuff (still working on that one), and to tread more lightly on this earth.  I also hope that through my frugality I can one day become fabulously wealthy. I want to be a billionaire.

My boys - they are so good together

My boys – they are so good together

Not too long ago I was a career woman on a high-flying posting to Taiwan.  I was still frugal in some ways, such as shopping at my local morning wet market rather than the expensive department stores.  But overall I lived the good life in a luxurious apartment that once housed the former President (before he was jailed for corruption).  Behind closed doors things were less glamorous.  I was in an abusive relationship.  Six months after I returned to Australia, I went to court and obtained a Domestic Violence Order.

So I am now I am a full-time single mother of two gorgeous boys.  As I transition to being the main carer and financial provider for my boys, while paying all the crazy costs associated with separation and divorce, I have delved into my inner frugality.

A windy day with my boys (Big A is trying to be Jake the Neverland Pirate with his bandanna)

A windy day with my boys (Big A is trying to be Jake the Neverland Pirate with his bandanna)

Rather than complaining about the problems life has dealt me, I like to rejoice instead in my new-found freedom and make my frugal lifestyle into a fun and empowering lifestyle choice.  I love to cook low-cost meals, and I participated in a challenge of living for less than $2/day.  I also won an award from YWCA and The Canberra Times for the best $5 pot luck meal.  I have also written about frugality for The Canberra Times.

Last year I was privileged to be chosen as a tourism ambassador for Canberra — one of the 101 Local Humans as part of the 2014 humanbrochure campaign.  This was a life changing event for me in more ways than one.  I loved the opportunity it gave me to explore Canberra, which I believe is one of the most beautiful and underrated places on this earth.  I love being part of my local community.

I have spent over twenty years learning about China and Chinese culture.  I see myself as a bridge for spanning the two cultures.  So sometimes I write about cross-cultural parenting and related stuff as well such as my Australian/Asian identity. I also write about my time in Taiwan (including doing Chinese Postpartum Confinement) on my Taiwanxifu blog.

I post a $5 Friday meal on Ms Frugal every Friday, and also post philosophical blog pieces every other week or so.  I welcome submissions for blog posts including for the $5 Friday series.

You can also follow or contact me on:

Twitter:  [at]Msfrugalears

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/weekendparent

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Instagram:  [at]msfrugalears

Email:   msfrugalears@gmail.com

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