Budget 2017

Picture of pizza

What slice of the pizza pie will you get from the Federal Budget 2017?

I live in Canberra, but I must admit that until tonight I have never really stopped to watch the Federal Budget.  But tonight my work put on pizza and wine, so I decided to stay back and watch it. I am not a specialised economic commentator, but I wanted to provide some thoughts – based on part on what I perceive is my own interest as to how I  and most of my readers will be affected.

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$5 Friday: fancy pants frugal cheese board biscuits

The best cheese board biscuits.png

You know what it’s like – people are coming over for drinks, or you need to go to a happy hour, and you feel compelled to bring something.  Once upon a time jatz biscuits and some chunks of cheddar cheese would suffice (maybe some pickled onions or gerkins if you were lucky).  But these days most people run to the supermarket and buy several expensive chunks of super special cheese, smoked meat, dips and expensive cheese crackers.  The last time I went to one of these get togethers we were so full from cheese and meat and pate and everything else I could hardly fit in the rest of the meal.

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The Rising Cost of University in Australia

student loan report photos

This post is a guest blog post by US writer Drew Cloud from The Student Loan Report.  I was really intrigued to look at the changes to Australia’s tertiary education system through US eyes. I was always shocked that students in the US graduated with so much debt.  But you know what – things are getting pretty expensive in Australia, too.  Read Drew’s article and to find out more about the rising costs of education in Australia.

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The best deals on Gold Coast theme parks

Sea World picture

Hello from the sunny Gold Coast!  Ms Frugal Ears and kids have been on holidays this week.  Yes, sometimes I take holidays.  And sometimes I even spend money on holidays.  It is all about my philosophy of balancing saving with enjoying the good life.  But that doesn’t mean that I totally lose my head and spend on holidays.

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$50/week challenge – and then there was Easter

Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves

Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves over Easter

Happy Easter!  Did you have a good long weekend.  Well, we certainly did in the Ms Frugal Ears household.  And we still did it while maintaining our $50 a week challenge.

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Japanese style pickled watermelon rind


Sometimes it is the little frugal things you do that add up without you realising it. So it was that I was having a long overdue catch-up BYO lunch with my friend Evangeline from Nilbarcodfood.  And while lunch she spotted something in what I thought was a dismally frugal lunchbox that she thought was of interest.

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