Frugality and the environment

I am frugal.  My purpose in blogging is to share my own financial journey and to encourage others. I don’t consciously identify as being part of the green movement.  But being frugal can also be good for the environment.

A picture of weeds

Marshmallows in my garden – as in edible weeds rather than the sweet sugary treat

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Why you need to focus on paying off your mortgage – yes, you really do

In my crazy busy life, I often wonder if I am crazy blogging. I mean, does anyone out there read what I write?  Does anyone care? Maybe I should go and watch TV instead. I don’t even know what Game of Thrones is – something on the TV?

Some Singapore Slings

Singapore Slings – yes you can drink your cocktails and still pay off your mortgage

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Feeling seedy

My eldest son (aka Big A), is participating in the ACT Carbon Challenge along with others at his school.  And he is totally into the program.  So on the weekend we propagated some seeds so that he could earn 0.44kg worth of emissions saved for the Feeling Seedy challenge.

Big A helping to plant some seeds

Big A helping to plant some seeds

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$5 Friday: Sticky chicken wings

At the height of summer it seems like everyone is trying to give away plums.  Well, not me because my baby plum tree hasn’t reached maturity (yet).  But one of my friends put a call-out for a plum give away, and I quickly put my hand up and headed over with the kids in tow.  They had a great time jumping up and down on my friend’s trampoline while I collected some of the best dark purple plums ever.


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Money Monday: ten things I am doing to pay off my mortgage by Christmas

In January I announced that I would pay off my mortgage by Christmas 2016. Last week I caught up with two girlfriends for a frugal lunch.  “How is your goal of paying off your mortgage going, ” one of my friends asked me.  “I’m on track,” I told her.  There was some disbelief and she wanted to know how I was doing it.  So here is what I told her.

Ms Frugal Ears standing in the door of a house

All mine – standing in front of my front door on a cool winter Canberra day, visualising being mortgage free


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$5 Friday: Sichuan spice chicken wings

When people tell me about their secret, frugal recipe I take note.  And so it was that a university student with a passion for all things Chinese shared with me her favourite chicken wings recipe.


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