Money Monday: ten things I am doing to pay off my mortgage by Christmas

In January I announced that I would pay off my mortgage by Christmas 2016. Last week I caught up with two girlfriends for a frugal lunch.  “How is your goal of paying off your mortgage going, ” one of my friends asked me.  “I’m on track,” I told her.  There was some disbelief and she wanted to know how I was doing it.  So here is what I told her.

Ms Frugal Ears standing in the door of a house

All mine – standing in front of my front door on a cool winter Canberra day, visualising being mortgage free


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$5 Friday: Sichuan spice chicken wings

When people tell me about their secret, frugal recipe I take note.  And so it was that a university student with a passion for all things Chinese shared with me her favourite chicken wings recipe.


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Money Monday: Suddenly single, suddenly saving

Sometimes the best laid financial and life plans don’t, well, go to plan.  I found myself nearly two years ago suddenly single raising two kids.  Nor am I alone.  I had a coffee/chai chat with one of my good friends who had just made it through her first year post separation to find out how it had changed her financial situation – and perspective.  What she had to say really resonated with me, so with her permission I am sharing.

Almond milk chai latte from the ANU Food Co-op Cafe

Almond milk chai latte from the ANU Food Co-op Cafe

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$5 Friday: Nana Irene’s apple pie

Last year on the winter solstice my boys and I headed out to the country, to a town at the edge of the beautiful Southern highlands, for lunch with friends of a friend.  It was one of those gentle sunny winter days, with the mist hanging low around Lake George and some remaining golden Autumn leaves waving in the wind.  Wanting to bake something to take, I made apple pie using my Nana’s recipe.


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$5 Friday: Glühwein

Canberra. June long weekend.  Cold.  Traditionally it was a weekend of firecrackers. Now these are legal no more, but it is also the time when days are almost at their shortest, there is excitement about possible snow on the slopes, and enthusiasm for toasting marshmallows over an open flame.  A cool Canberra party is one involving a bonfire (or its more trendier version, a fire pit).  Even cooler is to go away in search of winter wonderland.

A cup of warm gluhwein

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When Ms Frugal Ears met Mr Red Sports Car

I have frugal ears.  I have frugal ways. I make meals that cost $5 or less. I make my own laundry products.  I wear op shop clothes. And now I am dating again – to someone who likes to live life in the fast lane.

A red BMW sports car

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Money Monday: Is super still so super?

Superannuation has been in the news following the announcement of possible changes in the May 2016 Federal Budget.  I have read a bit about the changes, but I must say it makes my eyes glaze over and I find it difficult to read most reports to the end (and I actually LIKE reading about financial topics).  So I was happy to have the opportunity to clarify some of the changes with MLC financial planner Michael Miller.

Graphic with money bags provided by MLC

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